Thần Y Hoa Đà (2000) HDTV 720p – 20/20 Tập – USLT

Title: 醫神華佗
English title: Incurable Traits
Genre: Historical, Medical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB-GOTV
Broadcast period: 2000
Audio 1: Vietnamese (USLT)
Audio 2: Chineses

“Incurable Traits” is a historical adaptation of a legendary healer named Wah To, who supposedly can cure any ailments and revive the dead. The time period is during the Three Kingdoms Era and also the end of the Han dynasty. Wah To is played by Lam Man Lung who accidentally gets acquainted with Cao Cao (Felix Wong). Cao Cao places a puppet ruler, Emperor Ling, on the throne. Cao Cao dies of a brain tumor but lays the foundation for his son to establish the Wei dynasty. Wah To is very compassionate and his goal is to get rid of all diseases in the world. He befriends Kwan Yu, a general for the Shu Empire, but unintentionally angers Cao Cao.