Mãnh Hổ Thiếu Lâm (2013) HDTV 1080p – 06/30 Tập – LT

English title: Shaolin Brave Tiger
Genre: Wuxia, Martial arts, Suspense, Costume
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Shanghai Oriental Movie Channel
Broadcast period: 2013
Audio 1: Vietnamese
Audio 2: Chineses

In the mid-Ming Dynasty, people were troubled by chaos and indignation. The Shaolin disciple Yang Shu and the sister brothers jointly discussed the evil elder eunuch “nine thousand years old.” After three years of concerted efforts, the three men eventually died and eventually used wisdom and force to bring down the “nine thousand years old” that could not be achieved, restoring order in the ruling and opposition. Afterwards, Yang Shu and a number of Shaolin warriors marched south along with the army. Yang Shu has a lot of courage and frustration, and he has frustrated the numerous tricks of the embarrassment. However, the coalition brother Zhu Chenjun, under the impetus of his ambitions, had colluded and sold the country. Yang Shuhe and Ma Qianqiu experienced the pain of being used to kill each other, and finally found out the truth. The brothers joined forces to stop the conspiracy between Zhu and Chen. Yang Shu was appointed General Jinghai and achieved a great victory against the enemy, revitalizing the sea defense and protecting the peace of the people.