Thế Lực Cạnh Tranh (2017) HDTV 720p – 56/56 Tập – LT

Title: 职场是个技术活
English title: Fighting Time
Genre: Modern, Business
Episodes: 56
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: May 11, 2017 – Jun 11, 2017
Audio 1: Vietnameses
Audio 2: Chinese

“The workplace requires strategy, and love involves combat, so we must fight with elegance.”

These words, shared in a dialogue between Xunuo and Shen Zhize, sum up protagonist Xunuo’s personal dilemma when the young woman is faced with a choice between her career and her lover. When workplace battles are more complicated than war, Xunuo’s every move must be calculated. This TV drama reflects the realities of young Chinese adults in today’scompetitive society and intends to inspire young people to fulfill their dreams through perseverance, even when in the face of adversity and temptations.