Người Thừa Kế (2017) HDTV 1080p – 45/45 Tập – LT

Title: 继承人; 金牌律师之继承人
English title: Heir; Medalist Lawyer Heir
Genre: Law, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 44 Uncut
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: Apr 14, 2017 – May 9, 2017

He needs an assistant. She wants her inheritance back.
Zheng Hao is a hotshot attorney who specializes in inheritance law. Tang Ning is an heiress who has returned from the United States only to find out that her own family members have forced her to give up her shares of the family business, robbing her of her inheritance.
Tang Ning goes to work as Zheng Hao’s assistant, and she realizes that ZhengHao is exactly the person who can help her regain her rightful place within her family. But can they stop bickering long enough for Tang Ning to achieve her goals?

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