Niềm Hãnh Diện Nhà Đường 2 (2017) HDTV 1080p – 32/32 Tập – SCTVLT

Title: 大唐荣耀 2
English title: The Glory of Tang Dynasty 2
Genre: Historical, Period, Romance
Episodes: 32 Uncut
Broadcast network: Anhui TV
Broadcast period: Apr 3, 2017 to Apr 18, 2017
Audio 1: Vietnamese
Audio 2: Chinese

Tells the life of a woman, intelligent and kind, who becomes a concubine of the inner court while her love for the people enables her to do great things for the country. It’s standard palace politics that we’ve all heard before but also the kind of story that can be so addictively good. ~~ Adapted from a novel by Cang Min Shui.

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