Thời Đại Khủng Hoảng (1999) HDTV 720p – 51/51 Tập – USLT

Title: 創世紀
English title: At the Threshold of an Era
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 51
Broadcast network: TVB-GOTV
Broadcast period: Oct 11, 1999 to Dec 18, 1999
Audio 1: Vietnameses (USLT)
Audio 2: Chinese

The property giant Yip Wing Tim (Gallen Lo) was born in the 60’s in Hong Kong. His father, honest and righteous, was betrayed by his brother and put into prison. Tim, therefore, learned to be wise. He tried all means to take revenge and fortune seeking was always on top of his priorities. With the help from his best friend Ma Chi Keung (Roger Kwok), Tim took over an incomplete village housing development. Tim, Keung and Hui Man Bill (Sunny Chan) organized a development company and earned their first bucket of gold.

When Tim was happy with his achievement, his enemy had broken his brother’s legs. Tim suffered a great blow and decided to reform. On the other hand, Bill, stressed on principle, was surprised to find that his respected master in fact was corrupt. His value perception had totally collapsed. Moreover, his brother Cheung Chi Lek (Louis Koo) needed a large amount of money to be free from danger. Bill became vicious and cruel. His friendship with Tim also came to an end.

By chance, Tim was acquainted with a kind-hearted girl, Shum Wing Yan (Kenix Kwok), love was germinating between them. However, Tim’s unpleasant experience with a Chinese girl, Tin Ning (Ada Choi) made him not want to fall in love again and he chose to hide his feelings. He also treated Fok Hei Yin (Flora Chan) who had admired him secretly all along, as his good friend only. After several encounters, Yan and Bill finally got together in love. However, Bill was killed in Taiwan, and Yan was found to be the first suspect.
END Part01