Truyền Thuyết Hồ Ly (2016) HDTV 720p – 37/37 Tập – LT


Title: 青丘狐传说
English title: Legend of Nine Tails Fox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Historical, Wuxia
Episodes: 37 (UNCUT)
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: Feb 8, 2016 to Mar 15, 2016

The series is divided into six arcs focusing on each fox spirit’s encounters in the human world.
1. Ah Xiu arc follows Hua Yue, a passionate fox spirit fascinated by worldly pleasures.
2. San Niang arc follows Feng SanNiang as she heads for the Meng family and meets Meng AnRen, a man with a despicable reputation.
3. Ying Ning arc revolves around Ying Ning’s journey to find the truth behind her mother’s death.
4. Hu Si arc follows Hu Si, a powerful fox spirit and a drunkard.
5. Chang Ting arc features the love between a demon hunter and a fox spirit.
6. Heng Niang arc is about a fox spirit named Heng Niang who decides to help her neighbor regain her husband’s love.

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