Thương Gia Kỳ Tài (2015) HDTV 720p – 34/34 Tập – LT


Title: 大清盐商
English title: The Merchants of Qing Dynasty
Genre: Drama, fict. history
Episodes: 34
Broadcast network: 31 Dec, 2014 – 11 Jan, 2015
Broadcast period:

“Salt business” will be in Yangzhou as the background, describing the period of Yangzhou in Yangzhou, a number of large salt business in life, business process intrigues and joys and sorrows of the sad. The show will depict the relationship between Yangzhou Salt Merchants and economy, gardens, “Eight Eccentrics” literati, folk customs, food culture and other aspects through the depiction of the rise, development, prosperity and decline of Yangzhou Salt Industry, and show the prosperous history of Yangzhou.