Thích Thanh Hải Nương (2012) HDTV 720p – 39/39 Tập – LT


Title: 刺青海娘
English title: Sea Mother
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 39
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period:

In the early years of the Republic of Hong Island, incense, A Jane, smoke, Jun, Guiping, Zheng Hong six teenage girls stabbed on the symbol of Poseidon goddess tattoos, so that they bear a heavy curse from an early age. Chen Xiang led the sisters to flee. Ten years later, in the distant Pisces Fort, when the little girl became a beautiful girl, can be behind the tattoo has been their hearts can not speak of pain. The incense and Pisces Fort patriarch’s eldest son Li Zhiming sincere love, they do not believe in destiny tenacious struggle, but their love eventually became a victim of feudal society. A Jane betrayed the sisters alone escaped, occasional uncle Long Shouwang incense, an idea impersonated as a long family of incense Long daughter, when she met again and incense, in order to prevent their identity was exposed, she unscrupulously persecuted Chenxiang. Jun married to Arjun, but Arjun was in love with incense. Ruyan and Li Zhi-Yi from the confrontation to love, and ultimately pay the price of life. The emergence of Zheng Hong to the sisters brought new hope, she eventually led us from ignorance to awakening, from oppression to resistance, and ultimately embarked on the road of revolution.