Chung Một Mái Nhà (2016) HDTV 720p – 31/31 Tập – USLT

Title: 一屋老友記
English Title: House of Spirits
Genre: Modern Family, Supernatural
Episodes: 31
Broast network: TVB
Broadcast Period: Jun 27, 2016 to Jul 31, 2016

When Bou Foon’s father died from a broken heart waiting for his grown children to come home for dinner, Foon promised to fulfill his father’s last wish of mending his bickering family together. Bou’s father had requested in his will that all of them must live together at his rundown home for nine months before they can sell it. At first none of Foon’s siblings, Bou Yan, Anthony Bou, and Bou Yee agreed to move in together until they found out how much their deceased father’s apartment unit is worth.

Bou Foon, the oldest of the Bou siblings, was not respected by his younger siblings as he had walked out on the family when he was young. He had decided to seek his freedom and do his own thing instead of helping his family out. After the death of his father, he finally understood his father’s words – “A bunch of chopsticks is stronger then one chopstick”. On the first day of moving to his father’s apartment, Foon mysteriously met an elderly couple Bak Wah and his wife Yi Lan, watching television on his couch when he opened a dusty antique umbrella. The couple claimed to live next door to him. Foon started to notice something strange about the couple when he and his young niece seemed to be the only people that can see the couple and the neighbors told him the apartment unit next to his had been vacant for many years.

Foon realized that the Baks were ghosts when he saw Bak Wah jumping off the building to retrieve his antique watch and reappearing behind Foon without a scratch. Foon met with a certified electrician Chu Chan-chan when she approachee him in the middle of night after learning his building had a scare because of a fire caused by electrical problems. Foon warded Chan-chan off after thinking her estimated price for the repair work was too expense, but she got hired later by Yan who was also a former classmate of Chan-chan.