Trở Về Thời Tam Quốc (2012) HDTV 720p – 25/25 Tập – USLT

Title: 回到三國 / 回到三国
English title: Three Kingdoms RPG
Genre: Modern/period drama, Historical, Science fiction, Time travel
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: Jul 9, 2012 – Aug 10, 2012

SZE-MA SUN (Kenneth Ma), a gamer from modern day and strategic chancellor Chu Kwok Leung (Raymond Lam) from the past meets in the Three Kingdoms era due to a strong hurricane. SUN loves playing Three Kingdom video games and Chu had long been his idol. Depending on his enchanting and weird modern tactics, he goes for a battle of wits with his idol. During this period, he also coincidentally meets LAU BEI (Joseph Lee), CHEUNG FEI (Savio Tsang), CHOW YU (Ruco Chan) and other classic Three Kingdoms characters. SUN is an unaccomplished young man, but after traveling back to the past, he reborns and personally experience each and every historical scene during the Three Kingdoms era. Just before he parts from history, he had an one-night stand with palace maid SONG YAU (Tavia Yeung)…So is it the noble and righteous gentleman or the HK slacker boy that will lead a road of victory? Three Kingdoms RPG is a serial full of surprises…